Saturday, April 4, 2015

Semolina Cake and Bread

So I have been struggling to make bread from scratch for over a week now. My first trial didn't work out - very dry. Second can only be termed as 'rock cake'. But this third time, I got it right!
You see, I'm a firm believer in using what you have available to achieve what you want, rather than going out to buy things every time I discover a new recipe.
I wanted to make bread at home, but didn't have yeast, so I dug out my Baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar as yeast substitutes - turns out I can substitute half the measurements of lemon juice with ACV. I also was not sure there would be electricity to power my oven, so I researched alternative methods of baking bread, and found out you could use the pressure cooker, and even the rice cooker to 'bake' bread!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tiger nuts part three: How to make Tiger nut cookies

Happy New Year Everyone!
After making nutritious Tiger nut milk several times using this method and this method for big batches, I looked at the pulp and thought, What do I do with these? I was definitely not going to throw it away! ZeroNever made candies with hers, but that meant adding sugar. Not an option for me. So I resorted to making this 2-ingredient cookies by The Burlap Bag, but substituting oats with the tigernut pulp.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tiger nuts part two: How to make Tiger nut milk

Merry Christmas everyone! Here is my preferred method of making Tiger nut milk as a Christmas present to everyone!
After making Tiger nuts milk with this method, I began to think about how to make a big batch and reduce the stress every time I wanted the family to have some. Here are my discoveries:

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tiger nuts part one: How to make Tiger nut milk

Yes yes, I know I 'went off' again. Apologies.
But I have sooo much to share!
I recently discovered Tiger nut. No its not a scientific discovery. Making soy milk is always sort of combersome for me, then Vicky came home from work with a small bottle of tigernut milk. Tasted absolutely heavenly! Google gave me several recipes and you will read what I have been able to come up with soon.
Firstly what is Tiger nut?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Return of Daydah

Hi everyone! I know its been ages since I updated this blog, and I apologize. I am back and better, with lots of tried and tested recipes to share!
First let me tell you what I made today.

I made pounded yam with my blender.

Yes, you read right. With my ordinary 350W Philips blender. Twice.
I experimented with the stump part of the yam tuber. Sent hubby the picture at work, and he ran home straight. So I had to make another batch for him.
It was absolutely heavenly - no difference in texture, smell, look, to the one made inside the mortar.

I got the how-to at Dooney's Kitchen - her food blog is sooo fabulous! Makes you want to cook forever!
All my Naija peeps, go check out her method of making pounded yam with blender or even food processor now now!
Have fun!
And get ready for Daydah's return - I will be posting other homemade recipes as well, not just food. Anything I can make in my kitchen is coming up on this blog!

Stay tuned!