Thursday, July 10, 2014

Return of Daydah

Hi everyone! I know its been ages since I updated this blog, and I apologize. I am back and better, with lots of tried and tested recipes to share!
First let me tell you what I made today.

I made pounded yam with my blender.

Yes, you read right. With my ordinary 350W Philips blender. Twice.
I experimented with the stump part of the yam tuber. Sent hubby the picture at work, and he ran home straight. So I had to make another batch for him.
It was absolutely heavenly - no difference in texture, smell, look, to the one made inside the mortar.

I got the how-to at Dooney's Kitchen - her food blog is sooo fabulous! Makes you want to cook forever!
All my Naija peeps, go check out her method of making pounded yam with blender or even food processor now now!
Have fun!
And get ready for Daydah's return - I will be posting other homemade recipes as well, not just food. Anything I can make in my kitchen is coming up on this blog!

Stay tuned!