Thursday, September 13, 2007

Local food: Yam

Yam is a root tuber eaten in Africa and some parts of Asia. There are several types of Yam (Yellow yam, Water Yam, Small Yam etc) and each one is consumable.
There are various ways that this tuber can be eaten, pounded, boiled, roasted, Fried, Mashed, just name it. Every tribe in Nigeria has access to Yam and cooks it in various ways.
Got a better recipe for Yam? Know more than two ways to cook this tuber? BRING IT ON! Post it here!
We are all waiting!

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  1. Yam has a new name in one of the prominent eateries in Lagos; It's 'yamarita'. And like all receipies in eateries and great restaurants, it began in a lowly kitchen and was prepared and fed to close family and friends.

    Ingredients: 1 medium sized yam tuber (feeds 4-6 people), Salt, Grounded pepper and other spices, one whisked egg, 50cl of vegetable oil for deep-frying.

    Peel and slice the yam into 2-inch thick circles, and boil. Add salt to taste. (Alternatively you can add some sugar to give the yam a sweet taste. Use two cubes of sugar for 3 slices of yam). Dont let the yam get so soft that it disintegrates. Drain the excess water from the cooked yam. Now slice it into fingers, 2 inch thick as well, so yu have 'logs' of yam.

    Next, (and this step is one of two ways) add the pepper and other spices to the egg. Dip the boiled yam into the spiced egg and fry in boiling oil. Alternatively you can skip the egg and just rub the boiled yam into the mixed spices and pepper till well coated.

    Once fried yam is a rich brown colour, remove and drain excess oil, and serve hot-ish with stew or fried eggs. ta da!