Monday, September 17, 2007

Name: Yam Delicacy

I find that I admire LYDIA .E. EKE lot when it comes to food. She goes out of her way to get these recipes that are so precise, you would think they were Chocolate pudding recipes from Scotland. Here is another one from her and she calls it Yam Delicacy, stating that it tastes best if you use the new yam.

African Yam - 0.5kg (for a serving of 3 adults)
Palm oil - about 2ml, which is one tablespoonful
Smoked Fish - 20g, which could be either one big one, or 2 small ones
Cray fish - grinded (on ground?), 3/4 cups
Dried cod fish - (or, as we call it here, stockfish), 400g
One Onion bulb
Fresh/dry hot peppers, Jamaican/African, 2g
2 teaspoonfuls of Black pepper
Five fresh leaves of Uziza leaves
4g of ginger or 2 teaspoonfuls of ginger powder
Salt to taste

Step 1 - Slice the yam tuber, and peel the slices. Make sure the slices are not more than two inces thick. Wash the peeled slices. Peel and slice the onion as well. Set both aside.

Step 2 - Pound the crayfish and the hot peppers in a mortar, or blend them together, until pasty.

Step 3 - Cut the dry cod fish into several pieces (usually done by the seller as it is hard and a saw is needed). Split the smoked fish into large chunks and wah in hot water to remove sand and dirt.

Step 4 - Cook the chunks of dry cod in a large pot with two cups of water and half a teaspoonful of salt, two teaspoonfuls of black pepper. Cook until the dry cod is soft (It is usually very hard and might take a few minutes).

Step 5 - Add the crayfish paste, and two cups of water. Stir. Add the onion slices and the smoked fish chunks, then the ginger, and the uziza leaves. Stir.

Step 6 - Add the yam slices, the palm oil, and two more cups of water. Cook until the yam is done (as in cooked).

Step 7 - Use a ladle or seive to remove the cooked yam slices and the cod fish.

Serving: Serve the yam slice (3 per person) and cod fish (2 per person) seperately from the soup.


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