Thursday, September 13, 2007

Asaro (Yam Porridge)

Name: Asaro (Yam Porridge)
1. Red or Groundnut Oil
2. Salt
3. Peppermint leaves (shredded to tiny bits)
4. Two tubers of Yam (for a serving of four)
5. Ponmo (Softened cowhide, abi?), diced into small chunks
6. A jug of hot water
7. A medium-sized onion bulb, chopped
8. Seasoning - (preferably Knou Chicken cubes), and other spices like thyme, curry
9. Blended pepper (Rodo, tomatoes blended together)

Step 1 - Slice the yam in uneven chunks. Peel the pieces and cut the peeled pieces into smaller bits, small enough to enter e

three year old's mouth without looking greedy (lol). Rinse the pieces twice and drain.

Step 2 - Put the pot on the burner. Wait until its dry, before adding two spoonfuls of oil. When that is hot (test by

sprinkling salt, if it sizzles, its hot enough), add the chopped onions.

Step 3 - Stir for a few seconds, before adding the blended pepper. Cover for about 30 minutes, enough time for the pepper to

simmer and cook. Check it continually.

Step 4 - When the oil appears above the pepper, add the seasoning, and salt and other spices you might want to add, and stir.

Step 5 - By now the soup should be bubbling and thick. Taste it. Add salt to taste (if its not enough).

Step 6 - When you are sure the soup is cooked, add the jug of hot water, making it extremely watery. Add the yam pieces, and

cover. Wait another 30 minutes, checking continually to ascertain that the yam is cooked soft (extremely soft).

Step 7 - When the yam pieces are extremely soft get your omorogun (amala stirrer, or what can I call it now?). In its

absence, you can use a flat pancake flipper (Abeg no crucify me for my choice of words o!). Begin to mash up pieces of yam in the pot.

Step 8 - Mash up the yam pieces until the porridge is thick and bubbly. Add the shredded peppermint leaves and the ponmo pieces. Taste it. Add

seasoning or salt to taste.

That's it!
Food is ready!
Serving: For a table of four.


  1. Great Post.

    I haven't made Asaro in over 20 years and somehow got the urge today.

  2. Just made it! tasted good. But is it meant to be sticky and kinda drawwy (if thats a word)?