Thursday, August 16, 2007


The first product I would like to propose is egusi. Its the seeds of a pod plant closely related to the pumpkin. The seeds are shelled and spread to dry, then grinded to powder form. They are used in a variety of stews and soups. The Yorubas are the most common users (you are welcome to disprove this fact!).
So rush in the recipes! Now!

Dishes galore

Nigeria is a very diverse country, with its people so different, and the tribes so unique from each other, that its a wonder we are all together under one flag!
Our different foods are as diverse as our different cultures. What is sauce for the goose is NOT sauce for the gander in most parts of Nigeria.
So this blog is a way to merge our foods in one place - Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, Ibibio, Hausa, Edo - every tribe! Bring your recipes and post them here.
It will be sorted out, by product, that is, if its garri, please submit recipes that are derived from garri, or if its palm kernel oil, then do the same BY REPLYING each post.
Thanks, fellow Nigerians!
Let's begin!