Thursday, August 16, 2007


The first product I would like to propose is egusi. Its the seeds of a pod plant closely related to the pumpkin. The seeds are shelled and spread to dry, then grinded to powder form. They are used in a variety of stews and soups. The Yorubas are the most common users (you are welcome to disprove this fact!).
So rush in the recipes! Now!


  1. Name: Egusi & Ugu soup
    1. Red oil
    2. Maggi Seasoning (preferably Knou Chicken cubes)
    3. A medium - size onion bulb, sliced
    4. Salt
    5. Blended pepper
    6. Egusi powder
    7. Chopped Ugu (Pumpkin) leaves
    8. Big Red Crayfish, rinsed and shredded
    9. Beef, boiled and cut in small pieces
    10. Ponmo (Soft Cowhide, abi?), diced into small chunks.

    Step 1 - Heat two spoonfuls of red oil. Remember that the egusi is full of oil, so be moderate in the quantity.

    Step 2 - Put the sliced onions into the hot oil. Wait for it to fry for a few seconds, before adding the blended pepper.
    The blended pepper contains red chilli pepper and tomatoes. The chilli is always about 30% of the tomatoes (unless you want to do the chacha dance when eating your soup!)

    Step 3 - Cover the pot and wait for about 30 minutes, enough time for the pepper to simmer and cook. Check it continually.

    Step 4 - When you can see a layer of oil above the pepper, then it is almost done. Its time to add the maggi seasoning. Depending on the quantity of soup you are cooking, two knou maggi is the average (that is 4 cubes, if its maggi cubes). Add salt to taste, and other spices you might want to add (thyme, curry).

    Step 5 - Stir the soup, and cover it. Leave for five minutes.Stir, and taste to ensure that the condiments are enough. Add the egusi powder and stir. Cover and let it simmer for up to ten minutes.
    By now the soup should be thick, and bubbling. Taste it again to ensure that the salt and other condiments are enough. Add to taste. Stir.

    Step 6 - Add the Ugu leaves and stir the leaves in quickly. Leave the soup to simmer and the leaves to cook for a while. After ten minutes, check the leaves if they are tender. Some people like their leaves still crunchy, others like them really soft.
    Cook to your taste.

    Your Egusi soup is ready!

    Serving: Can be eaten with Eba/Garri, Amala, Semovita, and Pounded Yam.

  2. Thanx a bunch... just what i needed for a quickee...