Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Nigeria is known for the strong aroma from our cooking, and every child that grew up in the country can actually tell which soup is cooking just from the smell. Its not that there is any strong spice like garlic that has a distinctive smell anyone can name, its more like a scent composition - the combination of several ingredients produces a distinctive smell.
All parts of the country have their special soup. The Calabar people and some Ibos will even tell you that there is a difference between a 'soup' and a 'stew'. And the method of cooking differs with every community that you meet.
I shall keep saying it, we are really rich!
This is a call out to everyone - send your soup recipes NOW! Eery soup that is truly Nigerian will do!



    Ingredients: Pumpkin leaves
    Lean Meat,Dry Fish n Stockfish, Crafish, Waterleaf, Okazi Leaves,Maggi, Salt, Fresh Pepper, Crayfish,Onion,Red Oil, Water.


    1.Wash the Pumpkin Leaves and Water Leaves properly in salt water to remove dirts.
    2. Slice the Ugu and Water leaf
    3. Season and Boil the meat,dry fish and stockfish with onion, salt and Maggi till tender
    4. Add ur pounded fresh pepper,crayfish and stir

    5.Add the sliced Water Leave and Pumpkin leaves and Stir
    6. Add red Oil( 3 Cooking Spoon).
    7. Allow to boil for 3 mins.
    8.Slice the Onion and pound together with the sliced okazi leaves.
    9.Add to the already boiling soup.
    10. Add Salt, Maggi to taste.
    11. Allow to cook for like 1min
    12. Your soup is ready.

    Note: You don't need to add too much water cos the leaves will bring out water when it boils

    Serve your edikaikong(Vegetable Soup) with Semovita, Pounded Yam, Fufu,or Eba.

    The soup is high in all the necessary buiding blocks of good health.

  2. great! I am going to try this asap!