Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sandwichy Yummy

A Tweperson recently asked what she could do to get fat, and I decided to share my Sandwichy recipe with her - its very fast, and satisfying. Then I realized that my golden sandwichy recipe is not on my blog! Impossicant! I had to remedy that right away! So here it is...
Sliced Bread, like six or seven depending on your mix
Seasoning, preferably Knou
vegetable oil, or olive oil
onions, grated into tiny bits
cheese, cut it into tiny pieces so it will mix with other ingredients
minced meat, or any other additions u want to add

Step 1: place frying pan on low heat. Add oil

Step 2: break eggs into a mixing bowl. Add the salt seasoning and other ingredients. Mix until almost smooth.

Step 3: dip bread into the mix for a few seconds or until totally coated by mix, and place each one in frying pan. Dip two at a time or how many that can enter the frying pan at the same time.

Step 4: flip periodically. Ensure it does not stick or burn. After the egg's done all round, place in a plate.

Step 5: Cut slices into triangles.

Step 6: Serve the triangles with tomatoe sauce or stew.

Step 7: Try not to bite your tongue while eating.

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