Sunday, October 24, 2010

Goatmeat Peppersoup

Hi everyone! I know its been a long while and I apologize for the break in transmission. I promised myself that I would add to this food blog more often this year, so here I am!

The recipe today is goatmeat peppersoup. Actually this is the quick version, for those of you, like me, that have had to deal with lots of hungry guests with little or no time! And they want FOOD, not snacks, so here goes.

Goat meat [of course]
Ginger, shredded/grated
Spices - thyme, curry, salt, maggi, powder pepper/chilli
Onions, diced
Red pepper [tatase], diced
Yam, cut into long strips, like large-size pot


Step 1: Rinse the meat, carefully washing off any 'attachments' [e.g. wood chips from the butcher's board]. Put in a large pot, add all your spices, and the yam strips. Add plenty of water.

Step 2: Place on medium heat and allow to boil. When the meat is almost tender, add the onions and the pepper, stir and allow to soften.

Step 3: By the time the meat is tender and edible, the yam should be very soft. Open the pot to allow some of the water to evaporate. Stir, and break some of the yam strips into smaller pieces.

Step 4: Serve in soup bowls. Its a fantastic prequel to Jollof or fried rice!

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