Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vicky's hybrid salad

Well, I have recently been entertaining guests almost every weekend since after the wedding, and apart from fried rice, I serve goat meat peppersoup, but recently my husband came up with a fantastic salad he calls 'Vicky's hybrid salad'. Its so easy to make - you need about five ingredients only!

The fruit in it adds another flavor, and the nutrients packed into the fresh veggies are amazing! Some folks even add grated ginger, giving it the peppery effect!

Onions [optional]
Banana, like half a bunch
Salad tray

Step 1: Rinse the Carrots, Lettuce and Cucumber. Soak all in salty water to kill any germs.

Step 2: Grate the carrots. Put into a bowl. Peel the bananas. Sliced thinly. Put into another bowl.

Step 3: Slice the cucumber with the skin on preferably [the nutritionists say there's a lot of nutrients we throw away when we skin them]. Put in another bowl.

Step 4: Shred the lettuce by hand into small pieces. Put into yet another bowl.

Step 5: If you want the tomatoes very visible in the salad, then slice them, otherwise dice them. Put into another bowl. If you included onions, follow the same pattern as for the tomatoes and put in another bowl.

Step 6: Cut the cabbage lengthwise - hold the whole ball of cabbage, and, using a sharp knife, cut it lengthwise into thin strips. the cutting direction will go through all the layers in the cabbage ball and give you a thin slice each time.

Step 7: By now you should have at least five different bowls. Get your tray and arrange the ingredients layer by layer. cover and chill.

This salad is best served with Dolly Ketchup - I know I may be promoting a particular brand, but believe me, Heinz does NOT make the cut for this salad. We have tried it and even our guests leave with the ketchup name each time because its different - one guest left with our remaining ketchup!
If you can't find that, the key is to look for a ketchup that has more stuff in it than ordinary Heinz [sorry Heinz!]. We have not tried it with mayonnaise or salad cream [because in my opinion those will remove the focus from the salad itself in terms of taste], but vignagrette is also an option that's healthy and safe.

Feel free to add other fruits in your area, or that you prefer.

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